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Live Video Conversations with Celebrities


As the pandemic heated up, so did the demand for Cameo videos from the long-tail of celebrities. We teamed up with some Hollywood heavyweights to imagine a more intimate experience for celebrities and their fans.

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The Problem

Cameo was getting a lot of traction, but A-list stars weren’t touching it. Additionally, how special does a video feel when a quick search can show dozens of results with the same canned-one-liners swapping out “Nick” for “Susan”.

Our Solution

We worked closely with Guy Oseary and Ashton Kutcher to design and develop a video conversation platform for scheduled one-on-ones with your favorite big-name celebrities. In addition to scheduled live video calls, we also integrated voice calls, SMS messaging, screensharing, and even snail mail merch deliveries.

Once the product was built, our team stayed on to help place their leadership team, hire and augment the engineering department, and follow the twists and turns as the business evolved throughout the pandemic. We built the original application using React and React Native for web and mobile apps respectively. Twilio technologies provided the audio and video calling features.


Our clients had a general idea of what they wanted when they came to us. Our experienced team worked closely with the client stakeholders to develop the idea and find opportunities for competitive advantages. Once we had a strategic plan, we roadmapped the first version of the experience. The MVP was a web app that allowed a fan and an authenticated admin user to have scheduled video and audio calls. Post-MVP, we took the product further by adding iOS and Android mobile apps, scalability and security, as well as polishing the celebrity user experience.

Eventually, once the MVP was iterated on and several versions released, the new CEO adapted our model to move away from the celebrity experience and into an education platform for lesser-known influencers.

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