SMS Web App for PBS Surveys


PBS and ITVS wanted to create a way for documentary filmmakers to publish surveys for user input during and after the viewing of films.

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The Problem

Premiering a film on PBS is a momentous occasion for many lucky filmmakers. However, oftentimes, the only feedback received is what’s gathered across social media and that isn’t always the most constructive or actionable. PBS and ITVS wanted to find a way for social impact documentarians to quickly receive relevant and actionable input from viewers like you based on the film they just saw.

Our Solution

The Wildebeest team solution was to create a shortcode for viewers to SMS and receive a unique link sent back to complete a mobile web-based survey that compiles live results. On the admin side, we created a custom dashboard for filmmakers and marketing executives to view and respond to feedback in real time. The creation of this DocSCALE platform gave filmmakers a way to gather and understand insights in prep for the creation of follow-up projects.


We spent quite a bit of time with the client understanding what goals they wanted to achieve by working with us. A proof of concept existed for this project that gave everyone a good indicator of where the bar was set. Our mission was to improve upon that.

Once the UI design for the surveys and dashboard were approved, we moved into development. In addition to the mobile web survey, web-based dashboard, we also create an embeddable widget for pop-up surveys on local PBS affiliate sites.

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