NCAA & Google Cloud

Know Your Data: Predicting March Madness


Every March, basketball fans across the country rally around their alma mater to reach the Final Four®. We teamed up with Google and the NCAA to design and build a campaign that demonstrated the massive computing power of Google Cloud.

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The Problem

As sportsball fans around the world annually lean in for March Madness, a big opportunity presented itself for us to reach a highly desirable audience of technology decision-makers. The challenge was to show how fast and simple Google Cloud computing could be.

Our Solution

Our solution was to create an interactive infographic that would update in realtime based on NCAA to data that then runs through a TensorFlow machine learning model to display predictions. But we didn’t stop at the interactive infographic. Instead, we made the predictions portable so they could be broadcast on live television in the lower-third ads as well as syndicated to paid online media across the web.

This engagement went on to win the 2019 Gold at Cannes Lions in the Creative Data category.


To prepare for this project, we started by aligning with an especially large team across Google, Eleven, and Wildebeest. We aligned on goals and requirements for the engagement and then began research on how we would execute.

Once the concept was defined and agreed to, our development team assembled a Technical Design Document for Google’s engineers to review. Upon approval, we began a simultaneous process of UX and UI design in parallel with platform development to reach this challenging timeline.

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