UPROXX & Toyota

Lightweight CMS for Real Time Collaboration


As the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid was being released, they teamed up with UPROXX to write sponsored content articles about the various adventures across the United States that would be even better in a RAV4 Hybrid. However, there was a catch, and UPROXX tapped us to help overcome it.

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The Problem

Eleven years of articles can be a lot of content to navigate in a CMS. Additionally, sponsored content should feel premium, glossy, and more exclusive than regular articles. Additionally, there was a short turnaround between when the content was expected to be written and when the site needed to go live so we needed to come up with a lightweight, simple way to publish content on a polished, high-end article template.

Our Solution

“Rather than integrating with our client’s existing WordPress site, we needed a solution that would allow a custom interface for real time page-building in the authoring of interactive storytelling. This didn’t have to live on-domain, so we opted to build a very lightweight, headless CMS that published content to a subdomain customized for this campaign.

Our solution saved drafts so authors could live-edit content and publish only when their changes were ready. We created a custom React Jamstack web development architecture that was optimized for performance and SEO. This engagement ended up winning the MediaPost OMMA Awards Microsite of the Year in 2019.”

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