New Products

Google tapped the Wildebeest machine learning agency team to create an educational tool for students to learn the basics of ML. The app was designed and built for STEM students to encourage them to pursue careers in machine learning. The Wildebeest team was responsible for writing the curriculum, designing the app, then building it using the Google App Engine framework.

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The Problem

Google has no shortage of ML experts, however, that immense knowledge doesn’t always translate directly to novices. In this case, Google was making a large investment in international STEM academies and wanted to ensure the curriculum was helping to foster an environment conducive of forming future computer scientists.

Our Solution

Before we started designing or developing anything, we spent several weeks working alongside Google to identify the core machine learning principles we felt were critical to the comprehension of ML. Once the topics were all defined, we explored the various ways we could illustrate these and arrived at using pizza as the unifying theme.