We’re passionate about finding ways for technology to help people. After several versions of a wearable life alert device for people with disabilities, we boiled the idea down into something more focused and scalable. UNA is an emergency alert system that helps seniors and people with disabilities live independently for longer while giving their families peace-of-mind.

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The Problem

There’s nowhere more comfortable than your own home. As our loved ones age, many of us have seen first-hand how difficult it can be for them to keep their independence as abilities decline. There are lots of devices out there to prevent falls and trigger alerts to call centers. The challenge with many of these is the associated monthly subscription costs.

Our Solution

We created UNA as an open source alternative to Life Alert. We believe technology should make the cost of independence much more affordable. Rather than paying a monthly fee, UNA lets people rely on their own home wifi network to call for help. Rather than dialing a call center, UNA lets you designate up to ten emergency contacts that will be dialed one-after-another if there’s no answer.

Amazon recently released the Dash Button as a quick and easy way for people to reorder common goods like toilet paper and laundry detergent. Since the cost was very low and distribution was wide, we decided the Dash button would make a great trigger for our UNA alerts. Recently, Amazon released their IoT button, which we will be fully supporting.

We also designed a belt clip that perfectly fits the Dash button so wearers can clip in their device and never worry about forgetting it in their pocket. Our UNA belt clip is available soon on Shapeways.

This isn’t a fool-proof device, power goes out and buttons can go out of range. But for those who either can’t afford a Life Alert or want a device with a smaller footprint, UNA is the way to go. We also decided to open source the platform so developers can create other triggers to initiate the phone tree. In the future, we hope to add features like fall-detection and other fitness tracking metrics.