We created a mood-based, location-and-time-aware mobile web app that knows where you are, the day and time, then gives great recommendations for where to eat, drink, or play.

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The Problem

Those of us with discerning taste in restaurants and bars might agree that a disappointing meal can ruin a day. Yelp is an amazing resource for finding local places to go, but sometimes their filters and results can be overwhelming.

Our Solution

We built an app that knows where you are and what type of place you’re likely to want to go to on the current day and time. It then leaves the fun part up to you–“what kind of mood or vibe are you looking for?”

Our curated moods capture and assign the various types of experiences someone might want, then uses the Yelp API and our proprietary algorithm to let the user dynamically find the best local result, no matter where they might be.