Product Enhancements

Wildebeest augmented the HYFN8 team to enhance a very complex data visualization dashboard that’s been in development for many years. The tool is used by brands to purchase and analyze media across Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Our team joined HYFN for daily stand-ups and weekly planning meetings over the course of three months. We were specifically responsible for adding new features to the Twitter micro-service using BackboneJS, Rails, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.

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The Problem

Our client faced the problem of having a product backlog that was moving in the wrong direction with a business goal fast approaching. The challenge our team faced was digging into an application that had countless developers over the course of seven years. While incredibly well-organized and well-managed, the learning curve was steep and the deadline was near.

Our Solution

We dedicated four developers to be available for the project. Each week, the project team would estimate the upcoming sprint and create stories in Jira for bite-sized development assignments. Occasionally, our team traveled to Hermosa Beach to work on-location with the rest of the team to assure as much efficiency as possible.