Healthcare Dev Augmentation


In order to hit some tough software development milestones, the healthcare company, GoodRx, enlisted the help of Wildebeest to accelerate engineering by scaling their frontend and backend teams.

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The Problem

With the end of year and quarterly product goals looming, the Engineering department at this healthcare startup needed more hands but didn’t have the bandwidth or time to vet and onboard experienced developers.

Our Solution

Wildebeest provided our client with a Delivery Lead to ensure priorities and communication were clear as well as a team of frontend engineers specializing in React and backend engineers to take on a backlog that wasn’t moving quickly enough. Over the course of three months, our team augmented their staff with an additional 100hrs per week–moving quickly through daily scrums and biweekly sprint planning.


When we engage clients for staff augmentation, we need to be flexible to understand their unique processes and procedures. While we weren’t able to apply our Ready, Set, Go framework to this engagement, we were able to align closely with the larger engineering team and focus on execution. Our engineers assumed the client’s email addresses, joined their Slack, and participated in daily status/scrum meetings.

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