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Enterprise CMS with SaaS Integrations


An enterprise AEM design and build followed by integrations with several SaaS platforms

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The Problem

Our client struggled with a rushed marketing site design and build from a previous agency that left several features incomplete and content that was especially difficult to manage. Additionally, the need for integration with SSO and several B2B SaaS applications was now apparent. Without an in-house team, our client needed results fast.

Our Solution

Due to a variety of good reasons, it made sense to keep our client on AEM as their enterprise marketing website platform of choice. We assembled an elite team that consisted of a Delivery Lead, UX Strategist, UX Designer, UI Designer, Creative Director, AEM Architect, Tech Lead, Frontend and Backend Engineers. Over the course of twelve months, our experts worked closely with the client to understand the evolving challenges and quickly react to efficiently solve them while keeping the ball moving downfield.


We began our engagement by working with our client to understand all of the major challenges they faced. Because it wasn’t totally clear what twists and turns lay ahead, we used our Ready phase to prioritize the problems, do any related research and develop a strategy for accomplishing those goals together. Once our strategy was in place, we resumed Set, where we roadmapped the various actions that would be required, from UX and UI design, to the development of a very complex AEM enterprise website with Okta authentication and several B2B SaaS applications like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

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