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We were approached by a representative of a local university to build a custom rideshare app as an alternative to Uber or Lyft that would more efficiently route passengers to their destinations. The suite includes a passenger mobile app for iOS and Android, driver app for iOS, and admin web app.

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The Problem

The university is not in the best part of town and as a result, spends a lot of money on Lyft getting students home safely. Additionally, the university’s existing shuttle service goes largely unused across its two campuses.

Our Solution

The mobile app we created uses machine learning to efficiently match drivers with the appropriate passengers to ensure each ride is efficient and wait time is minimized. Our driver apps include an overlaid heat map to ensure drivers waiting for a ride request are waiting near the location where they’re most likely to get a request.

Additionally, our web app allows administrators to watch each ride in progress and ensure the student drivers stay within the service operating boundaries.

For more information about this project or to inquire about a custom rideshare app, please contact us.