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YouTube was interested in creating a new metric to reflect how brand-safe a content creator’s channel might be based on comment analysis. We worked with our in-house, Better Status API to build a Chrome Extension for YouTube to help them match brands with popular creators that would fit with their target demographic and values.

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The Problem

Before reaching out to us, YouTube was matching brands with content creators based on number of subscribers, views, and comments. However, this was starting to lead to some very non-brand-safe relationships–even when the content of the video may be on-brand, the channel’s community may not always be as supportive. Some examples of this are channels with a community that comments using profanity and hate speech. YouTube wanted us to find a way to better pair brands with original content creators that were more in line with their values.

Our Solution

We identified that the best way to make this pair was to add on to the existing system YouTube internally had in place. Specifically, when they pair brands with creators, they first create categorized playlists of videos they feel might work well with sponsors.

From there, we decided to create a Chrome Extension that would allow YouTube employees to sort their video playlists by subscribers, plays, comment analysis, and sentiment. To measure a channel’s sentiment with the Better Status API, we had to start with the video in the playlist, look at its creator’s channel, find all of their recent videos, get all of the comments from each video, and then measure each one’s sentiment.

The end result was a sortable chart of videos that displays the sentiment for each included channel on a scale of 0% (very negative) to 100% (very positive) to gauge how well that channel might pair with a brand.