Product Enhancements

The team at College Abacus needed to augment their dev team to squash bugs and add new features. While contracting for College Abacus, we rebuilt a core part of the calculator and integrated it into a standalone Chrome Extension.

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The Problem

The existing dev team had a backlog that was going in the wrong direction. Their team needed support to get the next version of their product out under a deadline and we were happy to help.

Our Solution

We made three members of our team available to tackle any tasks thrown our way. Depending on the requirements of the current sprint, our team was available at a moment’s notice to squash bugs or add features. After six months of support, our team was so deeply ingrained in the product that we were asked to rebuild the college calculator formula from scratch.

The project required frequent use of Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Capybara for testing, and Sunspot: Solr-powered search.

The Process

This process was cyclical and involved many iterations divided into two-week sprints. Since the product was live with many users the entire time we worked on the product, each sprint involved variable amounts of Discovery, Definition, Development, and Deployment.