Tiny Beest is a Chrome Extension that allows bloggers, designers, and photographers to simply right-click to resize and optimize images. Tiny Beest is now available in the Chrome Store for free.

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The Problem

How many times have you visited a new website and waited, waited, waited for a large image to load before the page can be displayed? Even with blazing fast internet™, a couple of high-resolution images can really wreck an experience. If you’re a Photoshop whiz and have a few minutes to download, open, optimize, save, then browse to the new image, you’re fine. If that doesn’t sound efficient, then read on.

Our Solution

We’re big fans of the site TinyPng, however, it’s only a tad bit more efficient than opening up Photoshop. We wanted an in-browser tool, a Chrome Extension that would allow users a right-click solution to resize and optimize an image.

In the Serengeti hero image above, we used Tiny Beest to compress the original image from 2.3MB down to 230K, a 90% savings on file size and time spent.

Check out Tiny Beest now in the Chrome Store.