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Tinybeest is a bulk image resizing and compression app for designers and developers. We created it as an internal tool to help ensure the sites we build for clients have big, beautiful images but also load very quickly. It started as a Chrome Extension that lets users right-click on an image to resize, optimize, and convert file format, but has since grown to become its own desktop app for Mac OS X.

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The Problem

Internally, we really like to use TinyPNG when we needed to compress the crap out of an image, but still needed it to look good. The challenge was that we didn’t have any control over how much compression, resizing, or file conversion. Additionally, it was a real pain to upload an image, process it, download an image, then browse to it.

Our Solution

Our solution was to build a bulk image resizing tool that streamlines the image compression process. With our Chrome Extension, it’s as simple as right-clicking an image to resize, compress, and convert format. Our Mac app takes it even farther by allowing users to save images directly into the Tinybeest folder to batch process several images at once.

It works kind of like Dropbox in that the Tinybeest folder lives on your desktop. Any files you save into it have the size, quality, and file format you specify. Additionally, Tinybeest for Mac will also compress PDFs.