Better Status is a Wildebeest internal product that uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify what characteristics of a tweet make it more engaging for a particular brand’s followers. Additionally, the learning engine is accessible via API to allow other apps to use our algorithm to increase engagement through real-time predictive analytics for social media, publishers, email marketers, and more.

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The Problem

The idea for Better Status was personal: we wanted a way to increase our follower engagement on social media. Twitter allows brands to connect with existing and potential customers faster and more personally than ever. The challenge is to find and target the right tone and voice for your audience as it changes over time. Additionally, engagement is only monitored after content has already been published.

Our Solution

Better Status is a composition tool that lets brands refine a tweet until it’s perfectly optimized for audience engagement. It gives tips in real-time like “Make your tweet shorter” and “Consider a more positive sentiment” to ensure you’re reaching your customers in the voice they want to hear.

For example, Better Status helped @wildebeest_dev identify that—at the time of publishing this case study—our followers are more likely to engage with short tweets about technology that have a slightly positive sentiment, two hashtags, and a photo.

The Process

Discovery – We explored different ways to apply Better Status to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, eventually deciding on Twitter for the first phase due to wide adoption by brands and the ease of extracting and analyzing text strings.

Definition – The more we explored the project, the more directions we found we could take it. To quickly build an MVP, we focused on a tool that would identify which parts of a tweet work best for a particular brand. We found that the most valuable data points were topic extraction, sentiment, tweet length, number of hashtags, and the presence of a link.

Development – Development is ongoing for this project. For more information about Better Status, please contact us.