New Products

Last Thanksgiving, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with Detroit-based advertising agency, Doner, to create an Alexa app that lets you order a delicious Smithfield Ham.

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The Problem

We’ve all been there before, guests arrive in 30 minutes, the house is a wreck, and the turkey’s a disaster. Doner had the idea to create an Alexa Skill for their client, Smithfield Hams, that would allow users to ask for “The Hambulance” if they had a turkey disaster.

Our Solution

We worked with the Doner creative team to build a custom Alexa app that would recognize the user speaking and dispatch the Smithfield Hambulance to their house in minutes. There were a lot of challenges with this project because of limitations innate to the Alexa Skills Kit platform. The biggest obstacle to overcome was how to identify each unique user without getting identifying information with Amazon. To do this, we worked closely with Amazon’s Lab 126 to build a custom solution that accessed the owner’s identity.

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