Arduino and Microcontrollers

Arduino are one of the many hardware and software companies that build and design microcontroller boards. Here at Wildebeest, we’ve had the opportunity to work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Sparkfun, and many other microcontrollers to develop some inspiring devices.  One area of interest has been moving into incorporating the devices in home automation and wearable devices.

It is a wearable device designed for individuals who may find themselves in desperate need of help when no one is around to assist.  Think of the modern version of Life Alert.  It utilizes tons of sensors to monitor the wellbeing of your love one in realtime.  It is hooked up to a robust web app where family members can log in and see the health and activity of the senior.

We hope in the near future will be able to leverage this technology and device to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, and many other facilities.


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