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What makes the Wildebeest team different? 

We’re a team of smart people who care a lot about helping others. We believe interactivity is the world’s most powerful medium with the potential to change lives and change the world. Software is our craft and empowering people is our mission. We make software simple so users can spend more time doing what they love.

Can you help me decide on a technology/platform? 

Absolutely. Whether you’re looking for a custom dashboard, digital transformation, an E-commerce site, or a mobile app, we can help you find the right technologies for your product. We’ll help you consider development costs, ongoing maintenance, and develop your product roadmap to plan the perfect software for your needs.

I have a great idea for an app. Will you take equity in lieu of payment? 

Unfortunately, no. We’re flattered when hardworking entrepreneurs want to team up and we’d love to work with you, but we’re not able to take equity in lieu of payment. In very specific circumstances approved by our board, we’re able to consider an equity subsidy in addition to cash, but these instances are incredibly rare.

Does Wildebeest offer a discount for 501(c)(3) nonprofits? 

Yes! It’s very important for us to support causes that improve lives and empower people. If you lead a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we’re happy to discuss a discounted rate to help you achieve your goals.

I'm not quite sure what I need yet, can Wildebeest help? 

More often than not, our engagements combine design and development. However, sometimes we’re able to simply focus on UX and UI design and then hand off the artwork to your internal dev team. Other times, we’re able to pick up existing designs and simply focus on development. Regardless of the scope, our team employs our Ready, Set, Go framework to ensure each initiative has the proper expectations set, planning in place, and an elite team to execute.

What is Ready, Set, Go? 

Ready, Set, Go is our three-phase proprietary framework for ensuring client success in engagements of all sizes. Ready is the strategy and research unique to your business needs. Set is the planning and road-mapping necessary to avoid surprises in production. Go is the execution phase that brings your product to life and can only happen once the previous two phases are complete.

How much will my website or app cost?  

Excellent question. Hiring software consultants for web development can be tough and expensive. Just like buying a car or a house, software also has a huge price range. If you’re building a new digital product, it’s important to spend adequate time strategizing and planning. Our consultants are happy to help you land on a budget, but generally speaking, our engagements range from six- to seven-figures.

How big is Wildebeest? 

Since 2020, we’ve been a remote team. We reimagined our agency in the pandemic and realized the future of software development isn’t constrained to geography. Instead, the future of software is leveraging global communication to find and retain the best creators with values that align with ours regardless of where they sit. Today, our agency has adapted to embrace a fluid model that can expand and contract based on our clients’ needs. On a typical day, we have 15-20 active consultants, however, we have the ability to triple in size on relatively short notice.

How does Wildebeest vet consultants? 

We have a very regimented process for screening talent based on discipline. In a nutshell, we interview about 10% of applicants and fewer than 1% make it to our roster. We’ve built a very close, experienced team with incredibly high standards. Our current team’s average tenure is 31 months.

Can I choose my team? 

You are the most important part of our engagement. You will help us identify the requirements and clarify the goals. Our team will work closely with you to identify what roles will be necessary to achieve those goals within your desired timeframe and budget. Our Delivery Lead will ensure you have the right team on the job from start to finish. In the unlikely event that a consultant ends up not being a great fit for your engagement, we have a deep bench of experts ready to engage.

We need developers and designers, can we rent a team for a quarter? 

Yes! We’re happy to assemble a bespoke team to help you reach tough goals in an efficient manner. Our staff augmentation options are in three-month increments and can be comprised of 2-10 team members.

How soon can you start? 

Since each engagement is unique, so is each team we assemble. As you can imagine, our handpicked approach for each client requires a bit of resourcing and planning. That said, we can usually be on the job within a month of signing the engagement.

What are your payment terms? 

Payment terms will be included in our contract for your review, but generally, we require a project deposit to put your team on hold, then will have one or more milestones throughout the engagement, followed by a final payment at the conclusion of the engagement. We typically require net-30 payment terms.

Is Wildebeest hiring? 

We are always on the lookout for elite creative and technical talent. If you’re an engineer, designer, or interactive producer with exceptional talent and profound user empathy, let’s talk.

Why is everyone so nice? 

We work in this industry because we recognize the power of a thoughtful product. Well-built software can change the world, change lives, and change history. It’s core to our company’s mission that we recruit team members who share our passion for building transformational products that empower people to live better lives. We’re passionate about our work, we’re passionate about our clients, and we understand that working well together is step number one.

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