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How much does a site or app cost? 

Excellent question. Hiring web developers is tough, we know. Just like a car or a house, websites and apps can also have a huge price range. If you’re building a new piece of software, we would suggest first building an MVP to test the waters of your concept and market. While our minimum engagement depends on current demand, we typically can’t take on projects below $100K.

What does a typical engagement with Wildebeest look like? 

Oftentimes founders and business leaders will contact us about designing and building a new mobile app or website from scratch. Great! Other times, brands and agencies will contact us about staff augmentation for their internal team during a difficult sprint. Engaging with our team usually starts with a phone call to understand your specific needs. If it sounds like a great match, then the next step is to develop a Scope of Work contract that clearly defines the process, deliverables, budget, and timing. Once we’re all on the same page, we’ll follow the blueprint of the SOW to deliver your product on time and on budget. We typically work in the following phased approach: Discovery, Definition, Design, Development, and Deployment, but each project is unique.

Is Wildebeest hiring? 

We are always on the lookout for great creative and technical talent. If you’re an engineer, designer, or producer with an exceptional talent contact us, we’d love to chat.

I have $37 and need a responsive website designed, built, and deployed. It needs to work on IE6...and I need some laundry folded. 

We’re a small shop that believes anything is possible when creativity meets technology. While it’s unlikely we could work with a budget like that, if your project can make the world a better place, then let us know. We have big hearts and even bigger dreams.

Can you help me decide on a technology/platform? 

Sure. Whether you’re looking for E-commerce, a mobile app, CMS, or OTT app, we can help you find the right platform for your project. We’ll help you consider development costs, maintenance, and your product roadmap to find the right platform for your project.

Do you do design, too, or just programming? 

Absolutely. Pretty much every project we take on includes business consulting, product strategy, UX and UI design, development, and system administration.

Do you make native mobile apps? 

Totally. An increasing amount of our projects are mobile apps. In fact, since 2019, the majority of our projects have been mobile apps. We’re especially interested in building once, deploying everywhere, so if you want a mobile app and web app built together, we’d love to talk.

Can we white-label Wildebeest? 

Yes. We’re a humble team and happy to work in the background, but require a rate increase if we’re unable to showcase our exceptional work.

I have a great idea for an app. Will you take equity in lieu of payment? 

Unfortunately not. We’re flattered when brilliant entrepreneurs contact us and we’d love to work with you, but unfortunately cannot take equity in lieu of payment.

We need developers and designers, can we rent someone? 

Though we aren’t a staffing company, we’d love to support you. It’s unlikely that we can loan out single team members, but if you have a need for several folks, let’s talk and try to design an engagement.

Can you come work from our office on our project? 

Unfortunately not. Since the pandemic, we’ve allowed our team to work remotely from where they feel most productive and safe. We’re always down for video chats and work primarily on Pacific Time.

I have a huge budget for my site about kicking puppies. When can we talk? 

No, please don’t contact us. While we’re a chill, open-minded team, but we don’t have any interest in work that doesn’t align with our values. We will not work on any projects that condone hatred, bullying, inequity, or abuse of any kind.

I don't have a budget, but I'm pretty sure my site will cure Cancer. When can we talk? 

While we would LOVE to be able to volunteer our time to exclusively work with causes that will change the world, unfortunately, we can’t as often as we would like. We receive requests to design and build pro-bono apps each week and it sucks to have to say no, but unfortunately, that’s the world we live in–this is an expensive industry to do business. That said, if you’re from a 501(c)(3) non-profit, please reach out about your project and we’ll honor a 10% discount for your organization.

Can Wildebeest build OTT apps? 

Yes! With the demand of OTT and tvOS increasing, it’s become a priority for our team to explore and innovate in the space. We have the ability to build OTT apps for Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and more. We also have the ability to build companion mobile apps that communicate with OTT.

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