Frequently Asked Questions

Excellent question. Hiring web developers is tough, we know. Just like a car or a house, websites can also have a huge price range. If you’re building a new site, we would suggest first building an MVP to test the waters of your concept and market. MVPs can also range in cost, but in most cases, we can work with you to design and build a clever product prototype for $20k or below. Please keep in mind, MVPs have very limited functionality and are not intended for wide distribution.

Oftentimes founders and business leaders will contact us about designing and building a new web product from scratch. Great! Other times, brands and agencies will contact us about supporting their internal team through a difficult sprint. Engaging with our team usually starts with a phone call to understand your specific needs. If it sounds like a great match, then the next step is a Scope of Work contract that clearly defines the process, deliverables, budget, and timing. Once we’re all on the same page, we’ll follow the blueprint of the SOW to deliver your product on time and on budget.

We are always on the lookout for great creative and technical talent. You can see our current job postings on our Careers page.

We’re a small shop that believes anything is possible when creativity meets technology. While it’s unlikely we could work with a budget like that, if your project can make the world a better place, then let us know. We have big hearts and even bigger dreams. We can even address your ancient IE needs, but we’ll have to refer you to another shop to get your laundry folded.

We sure do. Some of our best performing sites use a WordPress CMS. Here are some recent sites we’ve build on WordPress.

Yep. We’re a JavaScript-focused team, so your JS needs are in good hands.

We sure do. Approximately 2/3 of our projects include a design component. We specialize in UI design and product design.

Yasss! We love mobile apps. In 2018, for the first time, we built more mobile apps than web apps. We also have experience with building IoT prototypes.

Yes. We’re a humble team and happy to work in the background, but require our rate to be increased by 25% if we’re unable to get credit for our work.

Afraid not. We love when brilliant entrepreneurs contact us and we’d love to work with you, but as a small shop with a growing headcount, we aren’t open to getting shares of your company instead of payment.

Yeah, let’s do it! We specialize in quick ramp-ups to help you reach your tough deadline. If you’re hiring developers, please contact us immediately through our contact form.

We’re not a staffing company, but we’d love to support you. We don’t typically loan out single developers, but if you have a need for two or more developers, let’s talk!

If you’re in the LA-area, we’re happy to come to your office for kick-offs and any critical milestones, but otherwise, we need to keep our Wildebeest herd together in our Marina del Rey office.

No, please don’t contact us. While we’re a relaxed, open-minded team, we don’t have tolerance or interest in work that doesn’t align with our values. We will not work on any projects that condone hate, bullying, abuse, or pornography.

You’re killing me, Smalls! While we would LOVE to be able to volunteer our time to work with causes, unfortunately, we can’t. We get a handful of requests to design/build pro-bono sites each week and it sucks to have to say no, but unfortunately that’s the case for now–this is an expensive industry to do business. That said, if you’re from a 501(c) non-profit, please reach out about your project and we’ll honor a 20% discount for your organization.